Top 5 Games That Got Us Excited In 2016

It's near the end of the year and it's time to take those sweet sweet member berries. This year was a pretty awesome year at getting us all hyped for video games, even if they ended up disappointing us. To be fair to both sides on the consoles war I'm going to be choosing games that came out on both platforms.

5. Titanfall 2.

I just remember going and waiting outside of E3 and seeing a life-size Titan right outside. Right then and there it hit me that people are hyped for this to come out. They introduced so many new factors to the game that made it feel entirely new but at the same time giving it that similar control scheme. Many video games news outlets definitely got people excited and the fact that added a campaign was the cherry on top.

4. Battlefield One

It was awesome that they decided to go back to their roots but take a new spin at it as well. Instead of keeping it mainstream like many other FPS do nowadays they went and covered a war that's not really focused on as much as it should be. With that war being World War 1. The way they covered it gave the war justice and gave the much needed respect the the brave men that lost there life's. Besides the fact of how horrifically accurate it is it's still an amazing game to play. With just about everything you could ask for in a battlefield game.

3. The Division

Say what you will about that game but the hype around that game currently was real. With all the leaks and trailers shown definitely did the job to get people on board to buy this game. Thousands of people preordered just to play the beta even going as far as maxing out their characters, that enough shows how long people waited for it. The Division was years in the making and Ubisoft did a phenomenal job at promoting it, the short films on the game was great adding so much lore to such a long awaited game.

2. Overwatch

When I had heard of blizzard's newest project I had no idea how big this game would be, blowing up and completely took me by surprise. I would say the fans did pretty much amazing job at getting everyone excited for this game. With nitpicking every little piece of lore they could, if it wasn't in the beta it was in the animated short films they released. Blizzard even went as far as extending the beta just to keep everyone excited for the game when it was finally realized. It may come to no surprise that Overwatch did take game of the year as well.

1. Final Fantasy XV

This has been a game that has been long awaited with push back after push back. The internet was getting furious because of how many times this game was delayed. This is probably one of the most loyalist of fans I've ever seen of any franchise. I remember when they gave FF a final release date how happy everyone got it was unbelievable. Even major companies like rooster teeth, Machinama, and IGN were all thrilled that the game finally came out. This franchise has almost took on a life of its own.

To me, these were the top five games that got us excited in 2016.

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