Is Terry Crews Overwatch's New Character?

For a little while now it has been rumored that one of Hollywood's beloved actors would be voicing a new character in Overwatch. That character being Doomfist, who you can see on the map of Numbani. His gauntlet is even on the payload so you can get a clear look at it.

Just like Batman's Robins, there have been multiple people to dawn mantle the of Doomfist as shown in the museum in the Overwatch world as the defending team. Though, it appears that the people of Numbani have mixed emotions about all three different Doomfists.

One was defeated by Winston in a fierce fight. The second Doomfist was a bystander who picked up the gauntlet to help against the Talon Operations. The last one is still at large with the intentions of destroying the omnic-human relationship.

The Creator of Doomfist (Chris Metzen) never intended this for him to be such a big deal. In fact, he wanted him to be a small side character, but the mystery around him lured many fans to him and thus creating the legend around Doomfist. Now to make things even better it has been rumored for quite some time that Terry Crews would be voicing Doomfist in Overwatch!

Tons of people seemed to be on board with Terry being the newest voice in Overwatch as soon as they caught wind of this rumor. Terry Crews even went on his twitter saying “Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real??” with a link on the rumors of him voicing him.

What do you think of Terry Crews voicing Doomfist?

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