Sanrio Reveals Cutest Metal Head Ever

Sanrio has always been known for cast of oddball and quirky characters with some of my personal favorites being Badtzu Maru, Kerropi, and the recent Gudetama. I was introduced to the world of Sanrio characters when a classmate of mine called out to me by “Pochacco.” Needless to say the name has stuck throughout the years.

Recently, Sanrio posted an English subtitled version of their Aggressive Retsuko character introduction. The video introduces a cute red panda known as “Agretsuko,” a 25 year-old single salarywoman who works at her dream company. At first, she seems to living the life as the company accountant until all her coworkers and superiors kept pushing more and more work on her, forcing her stay longer than she wanted. All the while, she is silently raging, that is until she hits the karaoke bar to drink beer and sing her heart out to Death Metal while sporting corpse paint reminiscent of the Black Metal Grumpy Cat.

While it turns out that a series of anime shorts starring the adorably raging red panda Agretsuko premiered last year in April on the TBS Saturday Morning Program, it is unknown whether or not the show will be localized. Considering the intro video was subtitled in English it is a safe bet to say that this won’t be the last we see of the Death Metal Red Panda


Interesting Side Note: Corpse paint is typically worn by Black Metal bands not Death Metal. While Band logos tend to look similar to each other stylistically, aesthetically Death Metal fans dress closer to Crust Punks rather than their spiked leather clad brethren. Except in Japan, they do whatever they feel like.

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