Top 5 WTF LEGO!?! Sets Of 2016

We've covered the top 10 List of sets released for 2016, but it wasn't all VIP points and Polybags! Long time Lego fans found some of the choices Lego made questionable in 2016. Here, I'm assembling a countdown list of "What the Fuck" moments we experienced as dedicated, but confused fans.

5. 75159 - death star (2016)

The year started out with a gentle slap in the face as Lego Star Wars fans found out the Already existing Death Star was being phased out. Rumored to replace it soon would be an updated version of the Death Star we've come to adore. Lego has been known to retire, and relaunch similar products but usually over a long period of time, normally years. Suspiciously it would come with a price increase. Would there be more pieces? Some new or updated exclusive mini-figure? To everyone's surprise, it was All of the above! Additional parts added more details to existing features while the mini-figs received an upgrade which many fans agree was needed for some time. And while many deemed these changes acceptable and even wanted, the overall Death Star structure remained the same, leaving many to wonder if the re-release was ever warranted for anything more than an obvious money grab targeted before the Rogue One release date.

4. 60132 - service station

​The 60132 - Service Station isn’t a bad design at all, in fact, it’s quite beautiful. It attracts most people from far away from its wide but thing box size, Solid but strong colors that remind us of a simpler time before Licensing Intellectual Property was the way to go. Perhaps it’s this nostalgic reason Lego decided the set should retail at well over $80, with only at 500+ piece count to make up for it. Some feel having 3 vehicles and a few smooth pieces made it somewhat worthwhile, but in the end. the store shelves remained stocked with a healthy supply as fans choose to be thrifty in a time where prices seem to be going up, and brick counts seem to be going down.

3. 75098 - assault on hoth

For many fans Empire Strikes back is as Wizard as it gets. You are introduced to the legendary Yoda, a more mystic yet real sense of the force, but tipping off the epic sequel is a battle unlike any had imagined at the time. An Icy planet with with a war zone - 50 foot walking tanks against grappling-hook wielding space cruisers?? Upon initial reports, Star Wars fans were delighted to know soon they could have a collectors piece similar to the beautifully crafted 10236 - Ewok Village. Sadly the set that was revealed is now regarded as one of Lego’s most recent big disappointments among fans. There are many issues that all stem from the same problem: They already exist separately. Many expecting the Lego brand style of creativity were stunned. Hoth sets released in the 2000’s were now being packaged together in a large box with a nice “UCS” logo and price to match. Unfortunately for long time builders, this would not be worth the price tag. Much like the re-release of the Death Star, many interpreted this as a money grab opportunity from the franchise reboot. Anyone who missed out on early Star Wars sets can rest assured their opportunities to add a favorite scene or ship model will gain the chance again very soon!

2. 70317 - The fortrex

It’s a castle, but it’s also a futuristic space tank and a Video Game? Fans of the long running Castle theme were completely blindsided when preliminary set sketches were released before Nexo Knights even had a name. It looked like nothing Lego had ever produced before but none the less, what good are Lego if you can’t build a Castle out of them? We found out soon enough, when the Nexo Knights TV show was announced presenting us with a new alternative to the long running and successful Ninjago. But while the Ninjago line of Lego sets managed to bring us stylish and creative ideas both on and off the screen, Nexo Knights is a confused mess of blue and neon orange that attempts to mimic the success of Ninjago but fails to do so on every level. There are plenty of new molds to benefit from, but the color scheme combined with piece variety makes it unappealing to anyone who is not a fan of the show. Looks like it’s going to be a long winter until we see a classic style Castle Theme. Bundle Up.

5. 75151 - clone turbo tank (2016)

Rounding out our list, and no doubt a contender for the most unnecessary/unwanted re-issue is the Clone Turbo Tank. Made popular by the Clone Wars TV series, the tank is a design beloved by many, and has already been re-issued once before with plating, wheels and mini figures as minor differences. The major issue with fans came down to one thing.. SIZE!

The latest version of the the Turbo Tank is a scaled down version of it’s predecessors. And while mini figures and features are a welcomed update, the heightened price range Lego had been touting at the time put this set just out of reach for most fans wanting to get the best Brick for their buck! And so The Clone Turbo Tank of 2016 remains one of Lego's most confusing WTF moment!

HoRRIble Mention: all "the angry birds movie" sets

While it didn't rattle any cages on either side of the fan isle, "The Angry Birds Movie" Sets seem completely out of place next to some of the other illustrious themes on store shelves. Loaded with play functions, and lots of moving parts, it was obvious the target audience for these sets would be avid fans of the "The Angry Birds Movie" itself. Sadly the movie under-performed it's marketing facade, and Angry Birds winds up being one of Lego's least popular collection of 2016. But all is not lost, as those gray bricks are sure to find a home with lonely Castle fans looking to feed their brick wall appetites!

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