The George Lucas Museum Comes to Los Angeles

It’s hard to imagine that not one but two cities initially rejected plans for George Lucas’ 1 billion dollar Museum of Narrative Art. Plans to build the fully funded museum were met with opposition by both Chicago and Presidio. As a result, two competing architectural plans were made in California for the proposed museums in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Why two cities would reject the proposal to add the massive cultural icon to their landscape is anybody's guess. Lucas himself said that he would fund it in it’s entirety which included construction and building costs, his art (worth millions), and an endowment of at least 400 million. Thus setting the rivalry between Los Angeles and San Francisco for both the jobs and tourism that the Lucas Museum would bring.

While commonly referred to as the “Star Wars Museum” it will actually house paintings by Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth and R. Crumb, along with other Hollywood memorabilia including those from his successful movie franchise: Star Wars.

The decision to make Exposition Park in Los Angeles the home for his museum came Tuesday and while Lucas has declined to comment on the decision, local politicians have elaborated that it had to do with public transit accessibility and that the area is already known for it’s many museums such as the California Science Center that currently houses the Space Shuttle Endeavor, the Natural History Museum, and the African American Museum over the four acre island in San Francisco that is only accessible by a single bridge and ferry.

Personally I love the design that Chinese architect Ma Yansong made for Los Angeles. It’s reminiscent of the shape of the Star Destroyer from Star Wars and the smooth design of the Imperial ships of Elite Dangerous.

Work is expected to start later this year with a projected completion date of 2021.

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