CS:GO League Fails to Retain Teams

Earlier this month the Professional ESports Association (PEA) had to cancel their inaugural Counter Strike: Global Offensive league as all participating teams signed an open letter stating that they will be competing in the Electronic Sport League Pro League Season 5, along with other grievances the seven North American teams had with their PEAs contracts.

Initially the teams, which comprise of: Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals,Team Liquid, Team SoloMid, NRG Esports, and CompLexity Gaming joined the PEA with promises of better pay, transparency, and greater player representation in decision making. The decision to drop the PEA League for the ESL came after the PEA actively tried to keep its players from joining other leagues of competitions restricting them to only compete in the North American based PEA CS:GO League. Being unable to compete with some of the best teams around the world didn’t sit well with the affected players as they would be missing out on valuable practice, causing their performances to suffer in the future. Representatives of the teams also stated that they were unhappy that their promised player representation would be potentially undermined every time by their three votes to the four by the PEA board and Owner.

Since then, ESL and WESA have raised their prize pools further enticing the team's decision to drop the PEA from $750,000 to $1,000,000 per season with 10 percent of gross revenue for non-WESA teams.

Being painted as non trustworthy before even managing to put together their first league puts the PEA in a difficult position for their future plans in ESports.

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