Stan Lee's LA Comic Con Video Review - Interviews

Earlier this Summer, Stan Lee's Comikaze announced they would be changing their event title to Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, officially giving one of the heaviest trafficked and renown convention center's a prestige status among the national Comic-Con scene.

The Convention itself was an obvious success given the collaborative efforts at hand. The entry line was long, but handled quickly and professionally. The vendor floor was packed with balanced selection of art and merchandise to please every fandom as well as a stage to host a variety of paneled events. Ironically enough, Stan Lee's LA Comic Con earned its place as a local "Staple" for years to come.

We also managed to snag a few local cos-players for some fun interviews. Check them out in the video at the top of the article.

The Fun in Downtown LA kept the night alive with Club Comic Con, an after party collaboration with "Nerds Like Us" to bring a variety of performers and stage show to attendees looking to make the most out of their cosplay day. You can check it out in the video below, which includes an interview with Dante Basco (Rufio, Zuko, Jake Long) and Greg Cipes (Beast Boy, Michealangelo):

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