Star Wars new movie title: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

After months of title rumors and speculation, we finally have an official title for the next Star Wars film set to be released this coming December...


This will be the 8th installment the main movie story arc of the series.

We're already seeing fan speculation that Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill, can see his death in this new episode (please God no).

Though we can only assume, it's more likely referring to Luke Skywalker as the last "current" Jedi in the Galaxy (that we know of). Rey is not officially a Jedi, though we all assume she will become Luke's Padawan learner in the series.

Saying I'm excited for this new movie is a complete understatement. These movies are the only thing justifying the 44% of my gross income I spend on Star Wars memorabilia and collectibles (you're welcome Target)

And you know you have to buy 2 of everything! One to open and touch and the other to lock away in your secret SW pleasure room located at the far end of the house with the sign saying "There is no try"

We'll be bringing more news as we continue our run through the galaxy!

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