Rogue One Hot Topic Collection

The new Rogue One Hot topic Collection is here, inspired by the newest film in the Star Wars franchise. The fashion collection centers around the Rebel Alliance. Much of the clothing is inspired by the main character Jyn Erso, including a cropped jacket and detachable hoodie when you need to out run your enemies. The hood’s hidden zipper makes it easy to change your style, from feeling mysterious with your hoodie up, to more casual by wearing it as a scarf. Printed inside the jacket is the death

star plans if just in case you forgot them (Editor's Note: Neat!). You can style the jacket with tights or jeans, and any kind of black shoes.

There are also iackets for the men, inspired by lead Male character Cassian. The jacket is military style that features Rebel Alliance logo and X-Wings on the back.

I love the whole fashion line. It's very cozy and perfect for the winter season. You can find the Rogue One fashion line on Hot or any local Hot Topic store.

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