Top 5 Games to Play with Someone Special on Valentine's Day

Let this day be all about team-building. You both are in a relationship and what better way than to use your team building skills in a few games shown below that offer the best Valentine’s Day games. Enjoy this night and play together (after a lovely dinner of course).

I rated these games below based upon popularity and the ease of playing together.


Awe, what better game to play with your mate? A prince (plumber) on a crusade to save his princess. A game so easy to play and after each level you can have a fun kissing session right after. Believe me, this game can cause you both becoming parents around November. Really, any Super Mario Brothers game will do.


Play this game at night and help you and your mate make game altering decisions that could later decide your players fate. You both act as a team and this game does not disappoint. A true scary thriller. You are most likely to be bumping bodies during much needed breaks.


Though this day is all about team building, maybe you both can switch it up with a race. Offer “favor bets” to whoever wins and make sure this race won’t be one sided. Any of the last 4-5 Mario Karts will do.


You and your love one are a team taking down monsters, zombies, demons, spiders etc., in this famous hack and slash type atmosphere. The best part is local couch co-op. You both level up together while sharing loot and team building conquests. Even if you never played this game, it is very easy to learn and you can’t go wrong with Blizzard. Ever.


Hell, any Rock Band will do. Let your mate sing on the mic and you do your part on the guitar and or do a duet together. Rock the crowds together and have a blast. Afterwards, be ready to take your mate backstage and live it up after.

What games will you be playing with your loved one? Tell us in the comments before!

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