Dating Advice with the Nerdbot Shark

Going on your first date with that special someone and not sure what to do?

Aaron Golden has you covered!

“We gotta get Jobs, then we get the Khakis, and then we get the chicks!”

That would seem simple enough for most chicks. I mean, you need a job to take a chick somewhere nice like that McDonald's in a Walmart. By default you’ll always look the best at a McDonald's in Walmart. I figure we can share a Big Mac, then buy socks later. Chicks love socks. Ok yeah, then lets get them Pajamas, too, and see where that goes.

You are almost near a Netflix and chill zone (LOL). You got to send a message, man. Let these chicks know it’s not always about them, but the fine necessities in life like a damn pair of fresh ass socks. I promise you, never on their first date have they ever received socks.

Be Unique!

I am sure you read that thinking, "WTF?" But trust me, bro, she may think worst date ever, but did you not just feed her and clothe her? What a gentleman you are! Plus, I already assumed you are wearing khakis at this point in the date. You don’t always have to take her out to a movie and drinks. I mean this is your first time meeting her, so get to know her well.

All a movie does is waste her time and now she needs a drink. It is time we stop losing, man. Show her you are not a basic bitch. This whole Walmart date lets her know that you are a down to earth realistic catch who isn’t afraid of the norm. I mean, you can know almost her whole story while you are getting a refill on your supersize cup. Let her know you are nerdy as well and ask what type of hobbies she loves to do. Chicks love nerds, BTW. You never know... She could be into the same shows and movies you like. Hell, she may even be a gamer.

Things are looking up!

Once you leave Walmart, you can now consider if this is going anywhere at this point. And the best part of this so far, you’ve only spent what? 20 bucks on food and socks? By this time, you can tell if she is stuck up or you can tell she may deserve a second date. It is a small price to pay but again, this is only about finding who she really is behind the layers of makeup she has on.

You are giving her a test. You know you can take her to better places like a Sizzler or something, but Sizzler can wait. This Walmart date should have been about 1-2 hours if she hasn’t left you yet. If she hasn’t, you can tell she has a heart or at least it's beating like E.T. hanging out with Eliot.

You both are now in the parking lot and you both get to your car. Open her door like a gentleman and then get in on your side.

Now tell her this, “Well, beautiful, I know what you are thinking. He just took me to a McDonald’s in Walmart and bought me socks. This is the weirdest date I have ever been on."

Continue on and say, “I’ve been on a few dates and I have done the whole movie and dinner type of date and all it got me was nowhere. It told me nothing about how they really are, or how they would react to a cheap funny date like this. I wanted to see who you really are, deep down, and I can’t wait to take you on a way better date. Besides, it was great getting to know you. I like you.”

Now don’t say a word and see what she says. The first person to speak now loses. This is where you will really know what type of chick she is. You have caught her off guard. Now just listen. If she tells you she would love to hang out again, then you know you have found possibly the one and all it cost you was a Big Mac and socks.

You’re Welcome.

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