Mel Gibson to Direct Suicide Squad 2?

Rumors abound in Hollywood that Mel Gibson (actor from Mad Max and Lethal Weapon) is in talks to director Suicide Squad 2 for WB and DC. Gibson had some, uh, issues a few years ago and had been sort of ostracized, but recently he has been in the director's chair for Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge. Other director credits include Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ.

Source: Mel's mistakes.

One notable similarity between Hacksaw Ridge and Braveheart? Ensamble casts centered around military stories. This sounds like a good idea for Suicide Squad and, after David Ayer's disappointing (at least critcally) Suicide Squad, a change of pace may be a good plan. If anyone understands action films and acting, it's Mel Gibson.

Could this be his big Hollywood comeback? Or will it fizzle out?

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