Hellboy 3...NOT HAPPENING!

Fans of the hit movie franchise Hellboy were dealt a dazzling smite today the likes of which even the blood colored hero himself could not shake off, as both Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman confirmed via Twitter earlier today that Hellboy 3, and the Hellboy movie series as we know it, is terminated.

Del Toro Tweeted on February 21:

Considering del Toro’s choice of words, it appears all avenues available to him were not viable options for reasons I'm sure we will know with time. For now, Ron Perlman who starred as the franchise’s lead is taking it as hard as fans are, tweeting:

Recall that del Toro’s Hellboy debuted in 2004, with it’s sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army following in 2008. Regarded as a cult favorite, the film gained a following for it’s cinematography and use of practical effects that del Toro is renowned for. Sadly the only thing we can look forward to now is a Reboot in 10 years.

Kickstarter Anyone??

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