Bricks LA 2017 Convention Review

Bricks LA was back in Pasadena CA for a weekend of Lego themed art and activities. This year, I attended the local convention not only as a NerdBot onlooker, but a participant as well bringing a few creations I made in 2016. The ground floor of the convention area was covered in beautiful displays and creations varying from all types of fandoms and imaginative designs.

Bricks LA takes advantage of the weekend by getting the event started on Friday which includes load-in as well as dedicating the day to "VIB Builders" for a variety of fun actives for participants as well as raffles and prizes spread out throughout the weekend. The community of builders reaches states as far North as Washington, culminating in one of the few but festive gatherings the local Lego Users Of Los Angeles (LUGOLA) has established which also includes other User Groups as well.

Overall the event caters to a very specific group of fans who are dedicated and enjoy having a peaceful time talking about all things Lego and does it joyfully. If you are an up and coming builder or just someone looking for some great peaces of ear Bricks LA is the local solution for you! You can find out more about Bricks LA Here:

For more information about Anthony and his Lego builds please vist and like his page on Facebook by clicking on this link.

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