Ted White Signing at Dark Delicacies

March 1, 2017

This just in from Dark Delicacies: A little while back Actor Ted White called Sue up at the store.


The conversation was along the lines of "I was at your store recently and really liked what I saw. I think small businesses are very important. So I would like to come in and do a signing in support of your store." Sue was a little stunned, surprised, and grateful and said something like "Oh my God! Sure! Thank you." He said he would charge the same as at conventions ($35) per signature (without having to pay any parking or convention admission) and all the monies were to go to Dark Delicacies.


 So now we gratefully announce the following event:

Sunday@ 2 pm Dark Delicacies presents Ted White - (Jason) from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter - signing photos and items brought in. Signature is $35 for any item. If you are not able to attend you may pre-order any of the 4 photos in Dark Delicacies shopping cart (www.darkdel.com) and we'll get them signed and sent out to you. You may also pre-order any of the photos and/or bring in any of your own items for the event to be signed.

Thank you, Ted White and Sean Clark.




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