Minecraft Reaches 122 Million in Sales

The light-hearted adventure and crafting game is now the second best-selling game across all platforms. A recent tweet from the official Minecraft Twitter account revealed that they have sold 122 million copies of the game and rack up 55 million monthly players.

Source: This tweet.

Those numbers are huge in terms of gaming; it surpasses the collective sales of Grand Theft Auto IV and V. In fact, the only game to sell more, according to this cross platform list on Wikipedia, is Tetris, with a whopping 495 million in lifetime sales. But if we give it the time, Minecraft could catch that number. They are still churning out updates on all platforms and if they can evolve with the times, this all-ages friendly game might be in it for the long-haul.

Just today, they announced that the Fallout themed battle maps mode is now available for console players. This is a PvP game type that is completed in rounds. The last man standing wins. The Fallout themed map is inspired by the raider controlled dockyard from Fallout 4, according to their release notice.


Do you think Minecraft will beat Tetris? Or is Minecraft overhyped? Tell us in the comments!

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