Logan: First Impressions


Logan (Fox, 2017) is the final tour de force for Hugh Jackman as James Howlett aka Logan aka the Wolverine. First off, is it a good movie? Yes. It is damn good. In fact, it's fantastic. I like to see a movie a few times to truly appreciate what is, or is not, the movie at hand. But Logan was... Impressive. Fun. Dark. Hopeful. It was, in short, all those things that a movie like Batman v. Superman strived to be but failed.

Logan features the last hurrah for both Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor X. That's about it for familiar faces. We find a compelling new charactetr of X-23/Laura in Dafne Keen. Oh, and Boyd Holkbrook plays a fun, if one dimensional, bad guy. But this isn't a movie for detailed bad guys, it's a movie for Hugh Jackman. It is here, in the greatness of Jackman's sadness and hurt - and hope - that we find solace and, well, an awesome movie.

I don't want to spoil anything. From the trailers, we see something... some terrible thing... has happened. Logan and Professor X are at their wit's end. But, as always in the X-Men world, there's hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Throw out all the movies. Throw out Old Man Logan. Enjoy this movie as a stand along work of art. And, hey, it WILL work for you. I loved it. Hell, I cried. My fiancee may have mocked me, but I fucking cried. It is emotional to see an actor who portrayed a character, for better or worse, for much of your life come to an end with the character he embodied. And it was an emotional movie... a self-aware western in the classic sense of the genre. It was the chase, the outlaw, and the final realization that an anti-hero must come to an end... but can bring about a brighter future. This was the X-Men we know and love from the films. But not the comics...

If you wanted an Old Man Logan movie, this isn't it. If you wanted Wolverine in his costume and being, well, Wolverine from the comics, this isn't it. My one huge complaint is that we haven't seen Wolverine with full healing factor and costume in the movies. But, screw it, throw out that idea and enjoy the performance and story. It was a tighht, character drive plot that showcased the Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Ignore the history, the comics, and even the films. Feel the raw, feral emotion.

After all, isn't that Wolverine? Pure, confused emotion. Oh. And X-23 was awesome.

Raw. Emotional. Distant. Purely American and purely a comic book, while transending that. This is the X-Men I know and love, if a strange copy. And, dammit, it was great. I won't comment on the (accidental?) politcal undertore but, yeah, enjoy that too.

See it or skip it?


Thank you, Hugh Jackman, for bringing Wolverine to us all, even if that Wolverine wasn't quite the comic book version we wanted, it was certainly the one we needed.

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