The BotCast Episode 14 (Facebook Live) - Team Epic Cosplay, Prop Making, Cosplay

This was a Live Botcast streaming over Facebook at Nerdbot Studios. Today Anthony And Rachel are joined by Chad and Igor from Team Epic Cosplay. They let us interview them about the awesome life of Cosplay and Prop making for a living! We also get advice on how to get into the prop making business and answer some fan comment questions as well! It was a blast having these guys on and will have them back soon! ::We Experienced some sound loss this time around, but we have perfected it and will be 100% next time!:: Host: Anthony Ayala with: Co-Host: Rachel Litfin Special Guests: Chad And Igor - Team Epic Cosplay You can keep up with Team Epic Cosplay on Facebook Here: Make sure to subscribe by clicking on this link Visit us at Instagram: @nerdbotmedia

Or you can download the episode here:

We also have it steaming on YouTube below:

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