Overwatch Gets a Four-legged Robot

News for Overwatch fans comes on March 2, 2017 as Blizzard announced their newest playable character, Orisa (pronounced or-EE-suh). More interestingly than that, Orisa isn’t really the focus of the new character.

On February 21, Blizzard posted an article called An Interview with Inventor Efi Oladele (https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20580087), introducing us to an 11-year-old inventor and scientist who was awarded the Adawe Foundation’s Genius Grant for her accomplishments. Tongue-in-cheek, this “article” was meant as a teaser to build out the already robust background of Overwatch and it’s setting.

So where does Orisa come into play? While rumors went around that Efi was going to be the new character, it turns out that instead she “created” the four-legged robot to keep the peace in Numbani, a hero of sorts to function as a protector. It makes sense then that the new tank’s abilities are all support class based. She is a defense character who can use abilities that reduce damage she takes, immunity to action-impairing effects, and stationary barriers to block incoming attacks. Her Ultimate, however, takes a more offensive turn. Supercharger puts out a device that buffs damage done by teammates within sight, though the device can be destroyed by enemies. Her main weapon is an automatic projectile cannon. It does sustained damage, but she slows down when firing.

You can try her out on PC through the public test realm now. She does not have a release date at this time.

Orisa Overview

What do you think of the new Overwatch character? Does the game need more support class? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check back for more Overwatch and gaming news with Nerdbot!

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