Tron 3 Starring Jared Leto?

We hope you aren’t sick of Jared “He Wasn’t as Good as Ledger” Leto. We may be seeing him in the future as a follow up to Tron: Legacy. Except it might not actually be a follow up at all.

Rumors spread quickly about the nature of the script, since there isn’t one yet. Potentially staring Leto as Ares, a character who existed in the Grid, even though he was never seen on screen. This is a turn from the original talks a long time ago that Tron 3 would be what happens after Sam Flynn escapes the Grid with Quorra and brings her into the real world. The main plot would be that programs from the Grid are escaping into our world and how the son of Kevin Flynn fights back.

The Hollywood Reporter is now calling Tron 3 a reboot (Source: Hollywood Reporter). They site that the sci-fi franchise was canceled in 2015, but now say that with Leto potentially on board in some capacity and the Oblivion executive producer, Justin Springer back on, we might be seeing the franchise revitalized.

Will fans of Tron be willing to see this through? While Tron: Legacy was a beautiful show of special effects, intense physical stunts, and a kick-butt soundtrack from Daft Punk, it didn’t fare as well as the studio would have liked. No wonder it’s been on the back-burner for seven years.

The original Tron was hailed at a feat of special effects, with hand painted frames to create the glowing suits. Released by Disney in 1982, it delved into the new cyberspace themes that was fresh on the market for movie genres at the time. We’ve advanced in technology just a little since then, but that doesn’t change how beloved that original cult film was.

Who do you want to see in Tron 3? What are you hoping the plot will be? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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