Storm Chasers' Amazing Tribute to Bill Paxton

Source: Wikipedia.

Bill Paxton was known for his roles in Nightcrawler, Weird Science, Terminator, and Aliens. He importantly stands as an icon in the science community for his role in the 1996 film Twister. There is even a museum dedicated to the film in Wakita, Oklahoma. From the 1990’s to the late 2000’s the number of bachelor degrees in atmospheric sciences doubled from what meteorology professors dub “The Twister Effect”. The Storm Chasers of today coordinated an amazing tribute spanning three states and several hundred miles in the middle of Tornado Alley to spell out Bill Paxton’s initials...

Many old Storm Chasers credit both the film and Paxton for legitimizing their niche hobby into full blown careers.

Paxton died at age 61 due to surgical complications.

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