PewDiePie v. The Wall Street Journal

The famous Youtuber known as PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) has been the main target of Wall Street Journal lately. With his content not as family friendly as certain people would like, has definitely gotten him in trouble. With a recent article published about him forcing major companies like Disney and Youtube to cut certain ties with him.

The main reason why Felix is under Wall Street Journal hitlist is because he posted a video a month ago that has racial content. Three reporters by the name of Rofle Winkler, Jack Nicas, and Ben Fritz posted an article and video explaining our Felix is a anti-semite/racist. The video shown by the WSJ supports their argument on how Felix fits into all these hateful groups.

Clips of his videos show him in Nazi-like attire, watching Hitler speeches, and showing off swastikas on his videos. Other videos where he pays two young men on a website called Fiverr to hold up a sign saying “Death to all Jews” were made. All of the clips they show demonstrate hateful messages. Since all of this has happened, lots of people are looking at PewDiePie as the newest face of racism. The Daily Stormer has even declared itself PewDiePie’s number one fan website. This is one of the most hated sites in america.

Since this all happened PewDiePie has taken some hits to his career. Two of his biggest partnerships - Disney and Youtube - have cut ties with him. Mainly because they do not want to be connected with someone who is being labeled as a racist. Youtube has since then cancelled season 2 of his Youtube Red series. But it hasn’t been purely negative blows to him as ever since this has emerged his subscriber rate has gone up.

Read the Wall Street Journal here.

Felix has been very vocal of his situation as well. On February 16, he posted a video addressing his side of the story. He claimed that the WSJ is attacking him in hopes to destroy his career and taking all of his videos out of contexts. This is something he has been very vocal about before, saying how mainstream media takes everything out of context just to get views. He then stated the reason why he paid those two young men to hold up that sign is because he wanted to prove how stupid the website is, as well to show off what lengths people will do for five dollars. He goes on to say that the media hates internet icons such as himself because of how much of a voice they have.

They plaster to the world how much money he makes, but not all the good he does with his money such raising millions of dollars to charities. The reasoning behind his loss of partnerships is because WSJ forced them to cut ties with Felix. He was unaware for sometime of how many people thought he was a racist. When he found out, he wrote a statement saying he does not support racism in any kind of way and, has no ties to any hate groups in any way. Ultimately he does agree that some of his jokes went a little too far but still believes this is an attack on him.

What do you think? Is PewDiePie going too far or has media jumped the gun? Let us know in the comments!

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