Arcade Expo 3.0: March 17 - 19

If you feel a warm, tingly sense of nostalgia at the memory of old school cabinet arcade games, then you may want to make your way down to the Museum of Pinball in Banning, California next weekend. Arcade Expo 3.0 will be hosting yet another three days of video game binging March 17 through 19.

The Museum of Pinball is exactly what it sounds like, a “world-class collection of vintage and modern pinball and arcade machines that continues to expand” as stated on It is open for large events several times a year, but Arcade Expo is one of the few times the public can actually see the impressive collection.

The museum resides inside a series of hangars on an equally impressive 18 acres in Banning, California. Last year, the outdoor area was set up with a performing stage and even included beer and food stands for guests to enjoy. The only downside to its wonderfully secluded hangar space is that it is over 70 miles from Orange County and over 90 miles from Los Angeles. But if games like Street Fighter 2, the original Mortal Kombat trilogy, and the Simpsons side-scroller excite you, then you will likely find it a worthy drive.

Get more info and tickets here: Arcade Expo 3.0.

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