The Matrix Rebooted

Warner Bros. has taken notice of the expanded universe stories that have been coming out from the new Star Wars movies.

With that in mind, the story of The Matrix is vast and very much left unexplored. For instance, the story behind the epic war that took place between human civilization and the machines, the account of all the other potential saviors that fought before Neo, what is the world of MACHINE CITY, and all the potential back stories that are untapped behind many characters are waiting to be mined for story content.

According to The Hollywood Reporter neither original producer Joel Silver nor the Wachowski sisters (original writers/directors) will be involved. A fresh new take seems to be the intent. Like the new Star Wars movies coming out they too have new directors and writers. The foundation has been established enough by the original creators to move forward from the source material. Zak Penn is a writer with a respectable resume consisting of The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men:Last Stand, X-Men 2, TV series ALPHAS, and the surreal 90’s action movie The Last Action Hero starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is in talks for a script plus Michael B. Jordan from Creed has been tapped on for a role.

People scoff at the idea of a “Reboot” thinking it’s a “Remake”. In this case, it’s likely to be an expansion on the universe that is The Matrix.

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