Is Sony Making a Venom Movie for 2018?

Source: Marvel Comics.

According to multiple sources Sony has announced the date of Oct 5, 2018 for the movie release of one of the most badass Marvel characters ever created. Originally set for Dec 21, 2018, however Aquaman won the date. Releasing Venom in the month of Halloween makes it perfect.

Alex Kurtzman is in talks for the director's chair. Alex Kurtzman is also a successful writer, and has written screenplays for Transformers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Star Trek Into Darkness. He has also consistently worked as a producer for many movies, TV shows, and video games.

Writers are already on deck and handling the movie. Among them is Dante Harper who is the screenwriter for the eagerly awaited Alien Covenant. This alone excites me. On board with him is Jeff Pinkner who wrote the screenplay for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Pinkner is also a writer for the upcoming Stephen King epic The Dark Tower. The 3rd contributor for writing will be Scott Rosenberg. He has a hand in writing along with Jeff Pinkner for the upcoming Jumanji film starring The Rock.

Producer Avi Arad is on the team. He has produced many movies for Marvel. Also producer Matthew Tolmach who has worked on The Amazing Spider-Man movies is on board.

Source: Sony's Mistake.

All things considered, we have a possible director that I believe is being looked at due to his prior working relationship with locked in script writer Jeff Pinkner. He also worked with producer Matthew Tolmach for both The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Hollywood tends to run with working units. Since Alex Kurtzman has also been in the Hollywood movie and TV series game for so long, they probably figure, “Let’s give him a shot”. On IMDB he is not reflected as the director at this time. With producer Avi Arad we can rest assured this movie will get a proper production. With a couple of the key script writers that have delved into the dark side of storytelling (Alien Covenant and The Dark Tower) speculation can lead to believe that this can very well be a DARK Venom movie or at the least dramatic.

It can also be said that Sony most likely took notes from their horrible treatment of the beloved character in Spider-Man 3. They have some strong players currently now let’s see if they can get the recipe right.

What do you think? Is a Venom movie a good idea? Let us know in the comments!

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