Katsucon 2017: The Memes

I recently attended Katsucon. It was a magical, mystical, nerd experience I will never forget. What I brought back from the hallowed pure white floors wasn’t just memories, friendship, or life experiences, I also brought back fresh memes...

The Gazebo

I’m starting with the Gazebo because this is the most standard, classic, and (hopefully) never ending meme of Katsucon. There is a large, white, well lit Gazebo in the middle of the hotel floor. It is surrounded by white marble flooring, and it’s very hard to not look beautiful standing in it. It is famous because it is the most iconic photo spot. There is usually a very long line to get a photo there, even if you go late at night or early in the morning.

Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears was the most solid meme of Katsucon this year. Someone left two, extremely large and extremely heavy storage containers full of Gummy Bears and nothing but Gummy Bears outside the elevators of the 17th floor of the Gaylord. The two rumors were: 1. That they weighed 100+ pounds, and 2. that it was used exclusively for a photoshoot... and if someone found them to please not consume them.

P.S. You can’t control me, phantom rich Gummy Bear man. I’ll eat skin colored bears if I want to.

UPDATE: I found the culprits.

Whatever Jessica and Yaya Do

One of the big draws about Katsucon for us plebs, is that this is pretty much the only convention that both Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han both go to. Mostly for funsies, but obviously they have business opportunities and photoshoots to tend to. This year was no exception. Both were in attendance with all new costumes.

One of the major perks was that I, a lowly dweeb, went to the famous Rooftop party five minutes before it got packed. I got to see Yaya Han up close and made direct eye contact with Jessica Nigri less than a foot away from her. I like believing that we at some point, used the same drinking glass.

Shout out to Stephen, an accountant from Virginia, who didn’t know there was an Anime convention going on. He asked to buy me a cup full of nothing but whiskey and ice, called me a “naughty girl”, and then drunkenly sauntered out almost immediately after handing me the drink. I’ll never forget you.

I was later one upped by almost everyone because Jessica Nigiri was a cool dude and paraded around in a Dinosaur Kigurumi, taking selfies with everyone and generally letting them know she’s happy they all exist.

Bathroom on the 18th Floor

This is a gross one. (No picture attached.) On my way back to our room on the 18th floor, a friend informed us that someone went to the bathroom in the hallway. There was brown smeared on the carpet. I posted on Facebook that the mishap occurred, and one of my friends commented, “Are you on the 18th floor?”. Apparently, a brave survivor had already taken to twitter to inform the masses. It was gone by the morning, but the universal disappointment in weebs lingered in the air much longer.

Katsucon Fire

This was technically a meme from last year, but it was still very applicable this year. Almost every joke could have been thrown back to the Katsucon fire. In 2016, a fire alarm went off at the Gaylord, sending several thousand cosplays to hang out wearing their cosplays in the freezing 15 degree weather for an extended period of time.

The consistent joke is that we are constantly anticipating an actual fire to do a nerd purge at Katsucon. There is also the element of comparison, i.e. “at least we aren’t on fire.”

Uncle Ben

All through Saturday a Spiderman (Editor's Note: I left "Spiderman" here so we can all shame Shelby for not putting in the hyphen.) cosplayer sat on the ground, with a bunch of Uncle Ben’s rice mix, and creating a life sized human out of it while silently sobbing. I saw him in person and he was 100% committed. I walked by twice and he was realistically sad and fake crying without breaking character.


There was an extremely large, real fur Snorlax at this convention. He would pose with con goers like a giant mascot and dance in place. What more can I say, people just like Snorlax.

Excessive Team Skull

This might be more of an inside joke than a meme, but I am not exaggerating when I say that a solid - SOLID - 10% of people I saw at Katsucon were all dressed as Team Skull at one point or another. The day time was filled with team Skull members filtering in and out of panels and halls. Team Skull members were being stopped for photo shoots. Team Skull members were dancing in character late at night at the 21+ Hotel Roof party all together in a circle.

Small Things Being Wrong with the Hotel

The number one thing all weebs will acknowledge about themselves is that we are all awful. When photos started popping up last year of broken walls and signs, people across the country were outraged at the damages Katsucon guests had left the venue in.

This year though, in the Katsucon groups, people have been making fake complaints. Posting photos of extremely minimal damage (string on the floor) and saying that “this is why the Gaylord will raise their prices.”

Katsucon Orgy

There may or may not have been an orgy on the 14th floor of the Gaylord. Someone posted that everyone who engaged in the orgy should get checked out. As of yet, no one has come forward as a participant. Even though I have no doubts that orgies do exist within Anime convention walls, I can’t help but be skeptical that this particular situation occured. People love the IDEA of cringy nerds having a large sex party, so I’m sure not much will be done to prove the legitimacy of it. Either way it’s safe to say: Wow, way to have a party and not invite me, Katsucon.

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