Star Wars Exile: A Great Fan Film

The world has never seen a pop culture phenomenon like Star Wars. What started out in 1977 as a science fiction film grew and grew into a massive empire which encompasses just about everything you can think. There have been sequels, prequels, television shows, toys, clothes, books, and you can even buy trays that make ice cubes that look like the Death Star. Try all you want but there is no comparison. The franchise is a juggernaut and shows no signs of slowing down in the years ahead.

If you were to consider the Star Wars Saga as a person, then the fans would be the heart and soul, the life blood pumping through its veins. They are the reason for its success. "Fan fiction" is the term when avid observers tell their own Star Wars stories and in many ways it can be one of the most interesting elements to such a rich universe.

The film Star Wars Exile is a definitive example of how fans can take the world of Jedi Knights, Wookies, and Imperial Star Destroyers to places the usual theater audiences would not normally get the chance to go.

Exile is a fifteen minute short film project set in, from my best estimate, the time period after Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope. In this crusade, Darth Vader enlists the help of a mysterious character known only to us as The Inquisitor on a campaign to hunt down and destroy the exiled Jedi.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

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We open on a man running through the woods being chased by bounty hunters and Imperial Stormtroopers. He dodges their lasers, ducks and covers behind whatever tree he can find. While in motion, he comes across a fellow Jedi and they battle the forces looking to take them prisoner. Just as the last body falls, our two heroes are ambushed by the Inquisitor who uses the Force to twist our Jedi heroine into a human pretzel, consummating the job by ripping her heart right out of her chest. Darth Vader looms in the background waiting for the other Jedi, now with vengeance in his eyes, to make his move.

Before he can, it is already too late.

Next comes the infamous Star Wars scrolling opening segment that looks exactly like the one that we get before each film (except Rogue One).

Then we are taken to a desert terrain. I didn't hear a specific location mentioned but from the imagery just imagine Tatooine. Jedi Master Boemana Tora and her Padawan Makl Lori gaze off in the distance. Makl seems focused on the events of the past and how the clones turned on them and began to slaughter their peers as if there were livestock. He wonders what is out there, what the future may hold for them. Boemana is however, the exact opposite, encouraging her young pupil to let of the past as the only way to move forward. She insists that the Jedi Order has failed them.

Fast forward a little bit and we find our two characters sitting on giant boulders. Makl continued to express his struggle with the attack on the Jedi temple and all of the loss that happened. It is revealed that they are in love and Boemana is afraid of losing him. Not your typical of Jedi emotions and she is called out for sounding like a Sith.

Makl hears voices telling him to run but their timing couldn't be any worse. The Inquisitor shows up ready for another fight. Boemana and Makl draw their weapons and the battle begins. The Inquisitor gets the early advantage sending Boemana to the ground. He uses this as the opportunity to convert Makl to the dark side, propositioning that he can save his family and friend by taking the life of the woman he loves. That's not happening and instead he uses the force to deliver a paralyzing blow to the Inquisitor.

Makl runs over to attend to his master's injuries. While in his arms, Boemana's admits her love for him has clouded her judgment and that has diverted their paths from fate. Makl wants to kill the Inquisitor but Boemana orders him to go to Lothal to meet other Jedi Knights with the purpose of completing his training. He runs.

The Inquisitor approaches the defeated Boemana and as the conversion to the dark side begins, he watches Makl's ship fly away...

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