Invader Zim Returns? Let's Sing the Doom Song Together!

Doom doom doom dooooom doom doom doooom….

Now that you are all singing along with me, let’s get with the exciting news!

Announced, April 4th, a revival of Invader Zim will be coming soon to Nickelodeon. Invader Zim (sadly) show only survived two seasons on Nickelodeon previously, but it has been in our hearts. It's now a cult classic that we can’t help but love.

The only know information about this revival is that there will be a 90-minute TV movie on Nickelodeon. The plot will be what we know and love, Dib trying to oust Zim, whom is horrible at hiding his identity as an alien trying to take over the earth. The original voice actors for Zim, Gir, Dib and Gaz are all on board for this, as well as the creator Jhonen Vasquez, according to Nickelodeon. This movie will still be running regular commercials, so actual air time will be about 66 minutes.

Do you love Invader Zim? What other classic cartoon needs to return? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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