Legion Renewed for a Second Season

Did you really have any doubt this would happen? Fans of the show more than likely saw this coming from a mile away. It’s become one of the most successful shows for Fox on FX.

In the ratings, and with the critics, this show is loved. It has a strong fanbase almost mirroring what HBO did for West World late last year. Similarly both of the two shows rely heavily on fan theories and complex narrative that require all of your attention. However, Legion has a rich history of lore that can be dug up by picking up and reading the Marvel comics.

The show follows a mutant by the name of David Haller, the son of Professor Xavier, and how David is lead to believe he has schizophrenia. But he soon realizes the voices in his head are powers and he must learn to channel them. It’s also important to add that this is the first show that Fox and Marvel have teamed up in.

Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel Television, said in a statement that he is proud of where the show is headed and what Marvel and FX have accomplished. This isn’t the only show that Marvel and Fox have teamed up on. They're working on another one directly connected with the X-Men universe as well. It follows the story of a parent and two young mutants on the run from an dangerous government with intentions to harm them.

One of the main problems that Legion tends to have is the editing for the story. Many people find themselves confused on the pacing of it. Noah Hawley is being accused of of sacrificing substance for style, but he has confirmed that the plot will be better understood by the end of the season.

Legion airs Wednesday nights at 10 PM on FX.

Do you love or hate Legion? Do we need more X-Men in our lives? Let Nerdbot know in the comments below!

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