Leaked Overwatch Trailer Reveals Events and Skins

A new Trailer has leaked for Overwatch containing a preview of what looks like a new PVE (Player Versus Event) mode that brings you back to the Omnic Crisis, found on the French Playstation YouTube channel. Along with a new game mode, a slurry of of new skins depicting Reinhardt, Tracer, Mercy, Torbjorn, Genji, McCree, Widow Maker and Orisa during the King’s Row Uprising that takes place roughly seven years before the current Overwatch universe.

In case you don’t follow the comics, during the King’s Row Uprising Commander Morrison (Soldier 76) defies order to not intervene during the violence and inserts a four man team consisting of Mercy, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and Tracer. This also serves as Tracer’s first mission with Overwatch and shows how she got her famous catch phrase, “Cheers, love, the cavalry's here!”

Spoiler: it was Torbjorn.

Similar to the Halloween Terror Event: Junkenstein’s Revenge, you’ll be fighting against waves of omnic hordes. Interestingly enough the video has since been pulled from the French YouTube page but not before everyone was given a date for the event. According to the video, the new PVE Uprising should go live between April 11 through May 1st

Do you love or hate the new skins? Are you still obsessed with Overwatch? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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