And Cable is... Josh Brolin!

So for months, we've been playing the game of "Guess Who's Gonna Play Cable?" and today our prayers have finally been answered! It's just been announced that Josh Brolin has been cast to play Cable in Deadpool 2! If the name is ringing a bell it's because Josh is also playing Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Editor's Note: And Jonah Hex over in the DC Universe.) and because he was Brand in The Goonies.

This is great news after we've heard nothing but rumor after rumor of who was in the running to portray Cable, including (but not limited too): Kevin Nash, Ron Pearlman, Pierce Brosnan, and (my personal favorite) David Harbour. Now with Cable having a confirmed casting, as well as Domino being played by Zazie Beetz of Atlanta, all we need is a release date on this and we can start celebrating.

Is Josh Brolin a good choice, or did you have another preferred candidate? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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