Carrie Fisher: Gone, Not Forgotten

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2016 was an absolute ass-hat of a year, and for geeks everywhere the hardest blow must have come when we lost the legendary Carrie Fisher in December. One question that many felt they couldn’t ask, out of respect, was how Star Wars would be impacted.

According to New York Daily News, Carrie’s Brother Todd Fisher, and her daughter Billie Lourd, had given Disney their blessing, and their permission, to complete Carrie’s legacy in the forthcoming movies by including unused footage from episode VIII in Episode IX.

Since then, however, Kathleen Kennedy has announced that Carrie will not be appearing in Star Wars Episode IX as all footage was able to be used for Episode VIII. Whatever what form Carrie's final scenes may take, we are sure that Star Wars will honor the memory of one of contemporary cinema's most treasured, feminist icons.

Rest in peace Carrie... we’ll always miss you.

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