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The DC Extended Universe made a couple headlines in the past few weeks. Granted none of the news was quite as exciting as the new Justice League trailer, but...

March 1, 2017 gave us a the first footage of Aquaman swimming in a vast, colorful, underwater landscape. Director Zack Snyder, on his birthday, posted the video to the internet. It doesn't give us much, just star Jason Momoa approaching another character, but we finally get to see the direction Snyder and the studio are going with the character.

Also, actor Joe Manganiello did an interview with Robert Irvine Magazine to give fans an update on the Batman solo film entitled, The Batman. Manganiello, who is slated to play the villain Deathstroke gave us the assurance that the production team "is going to do this right" and that they have really taken their time to make sure the best possible product is put on the screen. This rhetoric may sound like a broken record to fans of the DCEU but the positive is that the studio has appeared to learn from the mistakes of the 2016 installments of the DCEU and is fully committed to redeeming themselves.

One can only hope they are.

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