SNES Classic Edition Coming Soon!

Earlier reports of NES Classic Edition being abruptly discontinued by Nintendo are now being followed by the SNES Classic Edition as indicated by Eurogamers’ coveted sources! This news comes just after the momentum of the aforementioned mini console was starting to wind down as stock quantities were finally available after weeks of being sold out at nearly all retailers.

We make our jump from handfuls of Kilobytes per cartridge to a whopping 4MB of gaming cartridge capacity which at one time was put to task to grind out massive platform games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country, while also introducing us to standards of gaming like Mario Kart, and Starfox! The SNES was a titan of its time, and was more than happy to slap its Nintendo Seal of Approval on third party development as well including early entries by Disney and Squaresoft-eh.. SquareEnix.

It’s hard enough trying to acquire an NES Classic upon its launch and we can expect a similar if not even more troublesome time finding SNES Classic Editions as Nintendo’s production could be at full force trying to keep up with its current success the Nintendo Switch by December. As dedicated SNES fans wait for an official announcement, we can only hope, dream, and speculate that Nintendo has a few surprises for us that cover more than the select games Wii Virtual Library could deliver at $5 a game.

Let us know what games you are looking forward to replaying on the SNES Classic Edition in the comments below!

-Anthony Ayala

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