Is it Time to Buy a Tesla?

Ever wanted to buy a Tesla but couldn’t because of its high end price? We’ll today's that day! They have recently dropped the base prices for each model. The 75 & 75D have both been cut by $5,000 and $3,000, respectively. Teslas are now around that affordable price of $69,500 and up, so go out and buy one today! Maybe...

Cutting prices won’t be the only thing that’s they’re doing. Glass roofs, power LiftGate, and high-speed chargers are now in to sweeten the deal. Tesla isn’t slowing down anytime soon. It’s seems like they’re trying to make it more affordable for the common man, making it more easier to attain one. And with the model X, it’s going to come with a $500 upgrade for the second row console.

With all these price drops and modifications, the base Model S is going to be discontinued. It’s going to be starting at $66,000 while they last. But not everything is getting a price cut, and some are getting more expensive. It's a very give and take situation. The Model 100D is sky rocketing by $5,000. While Model S is up $1,000 due to it being discontinuing. Even though the Model X is going to have some upgrades, it’s getting a price increase with of $9,500. Even though the S & X bases are changing in price, there will be no significant changes to either.

Here’s the lineup in case you’re in the market for one.

Model S

75: $69,000

75D: $74,000

90D: $87,500

100D: $97,500

P100DL: $140,000

Model X

75D: $82,000

90D: $93,500

100D: $99,500

P100DL: $145,000

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