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Okay, I’m sorry about the puns, but it really is good news. Marvel Studios are continuing with their indie recruitment drive by adding directing duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck to their roster, directing Brie Larson in Captain Marvel. The pair met in school and began collaborating together around the same time they started dating. Their first big break came with Half Nelson, which they co-wrote and Fleck directed, with their first high profile co-directing gig being 2015’s Mississippi Grind.

Captain Marvel has become a very important movie for Marvel Studios. They need a vehicle for a strong female lead in answer to DC’s Wonder Woman, which hits the screen later this year.

Marvel’s search for a director was a lengthy process, with several high profile female directors considered for the job. The choice of star came a lot more easily though, with Brie Larson not only looking the part, but also gaining her comic book credentials in Scott Pilgrim.

The script is being written by Marvel Studios vet. Nicole Perlman, and Inside Out’s scribe Meg LaFauve. Those excited to see Carol Danvers flexing her Kree powered might on the big screen have a bit of a wait though, as the movie isn’t set to deut until March 2019.

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