Oculus Rift Goes to Space

Oculus Rift has made headlines once again with it’s newest project, Mission ISS. It allows everyday people such as you and I to explore the international space station! It is currently free for all Oculus Rift and Touch owners.

Mission ISS is a detailed recreation of the space station where players can do all sorts of things normal astronauts would do such as spacewalks, dock cargo capsules, and even “perform mission-critical task”. It was designed by NASA themselves and many other space agencies. They’ve put in all this effort to really give you the full astronaut experience.

When Mission ISS was announced last year, one of the head developers of Oculus had said it’s almost the same simulation that NASA uses. As a life-like simulation, it’s going to give the player a full immersion and taste of being in space. But it’s important to add that this isn’t the first time NASA has worked with virtual reality. They’ve played such a key role in making this all possible in the 1980’s through the 1990’s, helping people capture breathtaking pictures. They’ve even helped make Mars 2030, which is very similar to Mission ISS, that allows you to travel Mars freely. All of this was made in hopes to educate people on space in a fun way.

Oculus is hoping to make space travel look more accessible for everybody. The release of this isn’t too far off from them sending a headset to space. A French agency Oculus is partnering with wants to send an astronaut to space in hopes of “testing out a zero-gravity on humans spatial awareness and balance”. As of now lots of people have plenty of questions. Oculus has been secretive for the most part but look for VR and space to collide in a big way.

Do you love or hate this new direction of VR? Have you signed up for the NASA Mars trip? Let Nerdbot know in the comments below!

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