Wondercon 2017 Video Review - Interviews

Wondercon was back in town and this time, our convention coverage brought us to the beautiful Anaheim California! While the cast and crew over at Disneyland are donning costumes and memorabilia for work, here at Wondercon, attendees arrive ready to mingle, take photos, and get some great memorabilia of their own!

The weather was warm but nothing can keep con goers from a good meet up and this convention center seemed to cater to both the social scene while still directing everyone with ease to the main attraction inside the hall itself which is a farcry from the metropolitan sore thumb that cons often become when held in a downtown district like Wondercon's previous visits to the Los Angeles Convention Center.

If you enjoyed our cosply interviews then you'll be sure to enjoy our recent coverage of Club Comic Con, an after party collaboration with "Nerds Like Us" which celebrated the opening weekend of Comic Con in 2016. You can check it out in the video below, which includes an interview with Dante Basco (Rufio, Zuko, Jake Long) and Greg Cipes (Beast Boy, Michealangelo):

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