Watch Nuclear Tests on YouTube

Ever wondered how scary and or beautiful a nuclear bomb would look like? Well, look no further because YouTube now has some declassified nuke testings! The United States conducted around 216 atmospheric test from 1945 to 1992, most taking place in Nevada and the Pacific Ocean. These videos have now been declassified for everyone to watch in all its horrific glory.

Greg Springs, nuclear weapons physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and his college Jim Moye, a film expert, are looking to preserve these tapes. They’ve estimated that they've found around 6,500 out of 10,000 tapes, but have only looked over around 4,200 and analyzed around 500. But now the laboratory has declassified around 64 videos that are on YouTube.

Springs strongly believes that it's going to take him another two years to scan all the tapes. Declassifying them will take even longer, since they need the military's approval to do so. In doing so they hope that releasing these videos will lead to further knowledge on nuclear explosions and lead to greater achievements. Springs stated, “By looking at these films, we found a lot of different pieces of information that had not been analyzed back in the 50’s, and we’re discovering new things about these detonations that have never been seen before.”.

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