The Unbreakable Trilogy?

M. Night-Shyamalan has announced that there is going to be a third movie in the Unbreakable series, simply titled Glass. With the Unbreakable referring very specifically to Bruce Willis' David Dunn and Split focusing on The Horde, this new title very clearly indicates the return of one Samuel L. Jackson.

This would be a sensible move, bringing the story full circle by returning to the man who started it all. How The Horde will feature in all of this remains to be seen, or maybe the real question is how Mr. Glass will get involved. Smart money would have said any third movie would be Willis Vs. McAvoy given it's been confirmed that Glass went to prison.

Given this is Shyamalan, it's almost a certainty that the answer to that question will be anything but straight forward, with all his twisty-turny plotting tricks. We'll find out exactly what this trio have in store for each other on January 18th. 2019.

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