Free Comic Book Day 2017!

In the modern times we live in it seems just about every day is in celebration of something. Whether be an event of importance or just an excuse for everyone in your office to enjoy a paczki (Polish doughnuts), the age of commemoration is upon us.

On Saturday May 6th, 2017, the world of nerd culture will rejoice in a tradition known as Free Comic Book Day! This is a special 24 hour period that promotes the reading of comics in an effort to draw customer to the independent retailers.


The original conception for this unofficial holiday comes from the mind of Joe Field who owned Flying Color Comics in Concord, California. Field noticed the correlation between the success of superhero movies in the late 1990's and a boom in comic book sales around the same time and expressed his thoughts in a 200 article for the magazine Comics & Games Retailers. His column garnered the attention of publisher Jim Valentino who took everything one step further and decided that a day devoted to free comics would best serve its purpose if done simultaneously as the release of a blockbuster movie with source material rooted in the comic industry. So in 2002, with the debut of Sony's Spider-man, the Free Comic Book Day was born.

Since it's inception the event, organized by the industry's most prominent distributor Diamond Comic Distributors, has grown and is now receiving global participation, with new stores being added every year and increasing sales. Also Free Comic Book Day, every year, with the exception of 2005 and 2006 happened at the same time as a Marvel film release and will continue this trend trough the release of Avengers Infinity War.

Make sure to get up early this weekend, show support for your favorite local comic book shop, and most importantly, enjoy a free comic!

What are you picking up on Free Comic Book Day? What stores will you be hitting? Let Nerdbot know what you think of the sneak peek in the comments below!

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