We're Getting More Hellboy!

No, not that Hellboy. Not the one that the internet has pleaded with Del Toro to make. Not the one that brought immense love for the giant red, cat-loving, cigar-smoking demon. No, we are getting a new one… with a new director… as a reboot.


After much hope when Del Toro tweeted out a survey to show interest, promising a meeting with producers to see if it’s possible to finish the third installment, fans were let down when he returned with an absolute no. That cut deep for many fans of the almost-cult film.

News broke this week that there are negotiations for a new movie, but with director Neil Marshall at the helm. His previous work includes The Descent and renowned episodes of Game of Thrones. He even has his hands on the new Star Trek: Discovery series. The script they are pitching—currently with the working title Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen—was written by Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden, and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.

In the end, Guillermo del Toro had to walk when the studio would not meet his production cost needs to bring his vision of a third Hellboy movie to life. Hellboy II, while an incredible comic adaption to film, lost to The Dark Knight which opened only a week later, sucking up much of its demographic and box office numbers.

However, some people might be interested in a new Hellboy. David Harbour, the sheriff in Netflix’s Stranger Things, is in talks to take up the red horns. Harbour pulled off an amazing performance in the 80’s themed horror series and definitely showed that he is worthy of being on screen. While no one will ever top Ron Perlman’s performance—and no one should try—it may be interesting to see another take on the supernatural hunting demon in a trench coat.

Do you think this is project is doomed to fail? Are there too many loyal fans of the del Toro/Perlman movie magic to even attempt it? The wounds still feel fresh and I’m not sure we are ready to accept it.

What do you think? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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