Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

"Your story isn't over yet... there's still a page left"

Depending on what kind of science fiction fan you are today may be the best or worse day of your life as the first non-teaser trailer for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049.

The original Blade Runner is heralded as one of the best films of the genre. If you were to Google search the overabundance of lists ranking sci-fi movies throughout history you will understand exactly how important the 1982 Ridley Scott masterpiece is to not only the fans, but the art of filmmaking as a whole. BR 2049 picks up 30 after the events of the first feature only this time it's Ryan Gosling who will play K, a blade runner for the Los Angeles Police Department who uncovers a secret with major ramifications for society. The discovery leads to the search for Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), the legendary android bounty hunter who has been in hiding for the last thirty years.

Recently, two glimpses of the project have been released online. Last week was the preview announcement that included a "trailer for the trailer" which provided fifteen seconds of footage and the first shot of Robin Wright (who as of this writing has no character name listed on IMDB). The other came out a couple months ago featured K walking the dusty streets of LA on his way to a building where he encounters Deckard. If you were looking for insight to the plot, there wasn't much to take away from those but the burning question as to whether or not Deckard was a Replicant may have been answered.

Today Facebook hosted a live Q&A event at IMax's headquarters in California with Director Denis Villenueve, Gosling, and Ford which culminated with the premiere of the trailer. The panel took a couple of questions and did their absolute best not to give anything away from the movie, jokingly citing a sniper in the rafters as the reason, but they did share some interesting stories from the production. Ford told the audience of the feeling he got while first walking on the set and seeing Gosling with a naked hologram woman.

After a few more everyone then left the stage and the moment we have all been waiting for was upon us.

The trailer runs slightly over two minutes and opens with the imagery of a building that looks similar Dr. Eldon Tyrell's domicile. Then its kicked into full gear as we are taken on a brief tour of future LA equipped with giant digital ballerinas and dust, lots and lots of dust. The preview also offers the first look at Jared Leto, who appears to be some sort of replicant creator, kind of like Anthony Hopkins in Westworld, Mackenzie Davie (the next Pris?), and Ana de Armas. Some voice over may indicate a conflict with humans and replicants as Robin Wright talks about a wall between elements of society and Leto's character says "I can only make so many" which may foreshadow the end of a "disposable workforce".

Can October get here already??

What do you think of the Blade Runner 2049 trailer? Let Nerdbot know what you think of the sneak peek in the comments below!

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