Guardians of the Galaxy Post-Credit Fun

So how many of you stayed for the post-credits scenes after Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol.2?

This is a trick question, and if you said no I'm going to ask you to go ahead and see the movie again and stay after for the FIVE post-credits scenes we get at the end of the movie!

As the credits scroll we were treated to a great little dance number from the cast of Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol.2. If you didn't see it we manage to get these floating bubbles filled with each cast member dancing around to a funky beat. But if you paid close attention there was one dancer who wasn't actually in the movie: Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster.

I bet you're asking, "Cris, what's a Thor: Ragnarok character doing in my Guardians Of The Galaxy Sequel?" Trust me I was confused as to why he was there until I realized that The Grandmaster and The Collector are brothers in the comics!

With Thor: Ragnarok set to release November 3rd one can only speculate what The Grandmasters true intentions are. With the fact that both brothers are Elders Of The Universe one can only imagine a team up of super-powered galactic beings being a possibility in Infinity Wars or the Untitled Avengers movie set to release in 2019.

Did you catch any other weirdness or awesomeness in the post-credit scenes? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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