Tom Hardy as Venom? Yes, Please

Tom Hardy is taking the title role in the long discussed Venom movie from Sony Pictures. The confirmation suggests a shooting schedule is now in place, though the move might leave some confused, with Spider-Man’s recent inclusion in the MCU. The deal Sony and Marvel cut in 2015 allows both studios access to the character however.

The choice of Hardy for the role couldn’t be better, as he has proven time and time again that he has the acting props to portray what is one of Marvel’s most emotionally complex characters ever. Eddie Brock is basically Warrior’s Tommy Riordan with a super-suit, right down to the troubled relationship with his father and the rage-fuelled propensity for violence.

What could quite easily have been another SFX heavy circus of a movie now has the potential to bring some real emotional weight, and some much needed credibility, to Sony’s version of the Spider-verse. With Ruben Fleischer, director of the excellent Zombieland, taking the reigns and production starting in the Fall, October 5th, 2018 can’t come soon enough.

What do you think of the casting? Are you even excited to see it? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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