Dredd Sequel Hopes Reborn

Following the recent announcement of Judge Dredd: Megacity One, producer Brian Jenkins has gone on the record about his hopes to bring Karl Urban back to the role. If Urban is cast, this would mark a clear link to the 2012 cult fan-favorite and gives fans the sequel they desperately wanted, albeit in a different format.

During the 2000 AD Thrill Cast, Jenkins stated that there had been many “Long and complicated conversations” about Urban returning to the role, but was realistic about his availability. Urban was always a vocal supporter of the campaign for a sequel though, so it’s hard not to be optimistic about seeing him return.

The blurb for MCO says the show is about “A team of judges…”, not specifically Dredd, which would allow Urban to start out as a recurring guest rather than a star. As time moves on though, the shows potential earnings will become a lot clearer, and Urban’s schedule a lot more flexible, so there is hope that could change.

Either way, a return to the Cursed Earth of the 2012 cult hit will be awesome in almost any guise. As such, the main message from the fans right now is, "Please, PLEASE don’t screw this up!’

How much do you love/hate Judge Dredd? Are you pumped for the new series? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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