DC's The Button Wrap Up

Last week saw the final installment of DC Rebirth's four part crossover event known as The Button. The characters of Batman and The Flash were given two issues each as a part of this story arc which also doubled as the starting point for the integration of Watchmen into the current DC Universe.

For those purists out there who believe that Watchmen should have lived and died in the 1980's, nothing's going to make you happy, you can stop reading now.

Admittedly, I am sort of one of those Watchmen weirdos but a little more casual with his fandom than others . For me, the original graphic novel is a definitive example of the genre and should be treated as such. I do not want any messing around with what was already done, no sequels, no continuations, none of that. Leave the story alone. But if DC wants to use the characters and essentially give them a "rebirth", it's entirely fine with me.

Whatever is in store for the Watchmen brand may never mean as much to me as the original but I am interested to see how Geoff Johns and company pulls this off.

Think of the Watchmen integration to the new DC Universe as a meal, The Button was basically your drink order. If you were expecting to see Ozymandias catching bullets or Rorschach beating criminals to a pulp, you'll have to wait. We still got a long way to go before we get to the main course and all of the infamous out-lawed costumed heroes are together again, but the wheels are in motion.

I want to keep everything as spoiler free as possible because I encourage everyone who is either a DC fan, a Watchmen weirdo, or your casual comic reader, or someone who doesn't even read, to give this a chance. You may be surprised...

Here's what you need to know:

1) The Button is split between issues of Batman (#21-#22) and The Flash (#21-#22)

2) A mysterious blood stained, smiley-face button has appeared in the Batcave

3) Right off the bat (pun intended) there is a significant death

4) DC's Flashpoint plays a role in the story arc which spawns an unlikely reunion

5) There are some great fights sequences

6) You are left in suspense and wanting morre

Who knows where this story will go and what questions will be asked but The Button was a fantastic little anecdote to the ever evolving DC Universe. Unfortunately we will have to wait until November when the story will resume in Doomsday Clock, a recently announced event that aims to further the Watchmen integration. Not many details have emerged but one worth noting is that it will not be a sequel to Watchmen so maybe the purists of the world can put their nerdery on hold to experience a new direction for some of DC's most historic characters.

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