Rosario Dawson After a Taste for Power?

Claire Temple has been the glue that binds the disparate Defenders shows together over on Netflix. It seems like Rosario may have been feeling left out of the powers game however, as she is in talks to join the new mutants as their own Professor X, Dr. Ceilia Reyes.

Reyes is a medical doctor and also a mutant who can generate a protective shield around herself. Dawson has already proven she can handle the protective mentor gig, with her wise words and handy patch up skills as Claire, so should do the role proud.

If she takes the role she’ll be joining Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams for what looks set to be something new for the live action X-Men universe, with show runner Josh Boone quoted as wanting to make a “Full-fledged horror movie.” The show should start filming this July, with a view to hit screens in April 2018.

Are you excited for the New Mutants? Or horrified at the major changes on the way? Are you pumped for the new series? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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