The Flash: Season 3 Review

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Since season three of The Flash is over, let’s get into the nitty gritty of it all. I have never been a huge fan of the Flash until the CW series aired. It took me a few episodes to actually really enjoy it but then I really really enjoyed it, almost to a sort of an obsession.

The first season was fun, exciting, extremely corny and just all together awesome. The second season was still great but didn’t quite hold up the first season. Now, season three was definitely a step back in the wrong direction, at first, but the end held its own to almost overthrow the horrible beginning. It’s now time to break all of it down. Do not read ahead if you are not caught up.


Source: WB/DC/CW.

The end of season two left us with a majorcliffhanger. Barry had gone back in time and saved his mother. The beginning of season three was the aftermath of this event. Barry had created an alternative timeline called “Flashpoint’ where everything in his life had changed drastically. The first episodes of the season were the worst. It had lost that fun feel to it. Don’t get me wrong, The Flash has its own bits of darkness and drama but it still has its light and fluffy side. I literally stopped watching it after probably the fifth episode and took a break because it continued to progressively get worse.

It wasn’t the same Flash I had grown to love and I was worried that the show was done for (at least for me).

Before I took my break, Alchemy, a meta-human whom has the power to bring back the powers to the meta-humans from flashpoint, was introduced as the new enemy to the show. I found his character to be boring and useless and honestly, I was a bit lost and disinterested. We later find out he is just Julian, Barry’s (newish) partner from work.

We also end up realizing that is just a pawn of a bigger and actual speedster enemy, Savitar (because the big enemies always have to be a speedster). Team Flash ends up using to their advantage, to an extent. This season we get a new Harry Wells from Earth-19, whom is completely different from his other doppelgangers. He goes by HR and he is light, fluffy and not smart like the others. This is definitely a character I hated but grew to love.

Wally West gains his powers this season, to finally become Kid Flash. In the beginning he has dreams of his other life as a speedster in Flashpoint. When his powers appear he is excited but not everyone else is. Barry worries about him jumping in to save the day and getting hurt. At first it is a power struggle but Barry grows to realize he now doesn’t have to hold the weight of saving Central City.

Up to this point everything is a bit of a blur and the show hardly held my attention. Now the appearance of Savitar, at first, I see him as a unrealistic god like speedster and I didn’t really like him. Then not too many episodes in he, seem to be defeated way too easy by being throw into the speed force. A few episodes later he reappears in the future, that Barry runs into, only to kill Iris. Then slowly the story gets interesting, as Barry struggles to change the future and save Iris’s life.

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Barry keeps Iris’s death to himself, until he realizes that he can no longer do it alone. The story turns into the whole team trying to find ways to change the future and save her. There is constant struggles and just when they seem to make a break through, the light dims. While we have characters dealing with their own personal struggles. Caitlyn has been giving Killer Frost’s powers and is struggling to stay good and not let it over take her.

There is also Cisco dealing with his own emotions about his brother’s death and blaming Barry for it because of Flashpoint...

The whole season focuses on his the consequences of Barry’s actions by messing with the timeline. We watch as the characters grow and evolve from season one as they struggle to defeat Savitar. Over the course of the last few episodes of the season, the characters discover that Savitar is a time remnant of Barry. This time remnant that was created by Barry in the future trying to save Iris. In the end Iris is still killed but it turns out to be HR who used the device to cloak himself as Iris.

Source: WB/DC/CW.

In conclusion, this season definitely was no season one, but it still held its ground. We definitely got to see a darker side of The Flash but it was still fun. After getting through the rough beginning I am still in love with this series and can’t wait for the new season. I am still heartbroken over HR and not sure when I will be okay with his death. What happens after Barry goes into the speed force? Will this next season still be good? Will Caitlyn return? There are so many questions I am still asking, maybe ill watch it again since it just appeared on Netflix.

Did you love or hate season 3? What villains should be featured in season 4? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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