Star Wars Pinball!

Who doesn't like pinball?

Whether you are in a league, the arcade (if you can still find one), or just killing time at the bar, everyone has played at least one game of pinball in their lives. reported today that Stern Pinball will be releasing a series of three Star Wars themed machines in celebration of the film's 40th Anniversary. Three different models have been announced each with their own unique game play. A Pro Edition will be more basic than the Premium and Limited Edition models that feature more toys, bumpers, and ramps. All models will contain an LCD screen so you can listens to the sounds of the galaxy while trying to beat your high score and a light-up Death Star because who wouldn't want one of those?

The machines were designed by Steve Ritchie whose work includes Terminator 2 and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Just note that saving the galaxy in pinball form will cost you a pretty penny as the Pro model runs $6199, the Premium about $7,899, and the LE will top off at $8,999. There is no release date on the company's website but is taking orders.

Click the link for more info from IGN: Star Wars Pinball

Who's excited to play Star Wars Pinball? Is anyone going to preorder the table? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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